UK Green Hydrogen Project Database Report

UK Green Hydrogen Project Database Report

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Green hydrogen is starting to play a major role within the global energy sector with many companies seeking partnerships to develop new sites across the UK. The UK government has set a ‘goal’ to reach up to 5GW of low-carbon hydrogen production by 2030, including aims to replace up to one-fifth of natural gas with green hydrogen.

The UK Green Hydrogen Project Database report provides comprehensive details of green hydrogen projects across the UK that are planned to be built, under construction or already operational.

The report tracks and audits each of these projects providing details on:

  • Project size and hydrogen production capacity
  • Co-located generation sites and electrolysis technology
  • Company information for each project
  • Key information on location and planning status

The report covers 70+ projects adding up to over 500MW of electrolyser capacity, with these figures expected to largely increase over the next few years.



The Green Hydrogen Summit | 17-18 May 2022, The Dom Pedro Hotel Lisboa, Portugal

The 3rd annual Green Hydrogen Summit (organised by Solar Media) will examine every aspect of achieving cost- competitive green hydrogen at scale, including a comprehensive view of the entire green hydrogen ecosystem. It will cover the regulations and incentives countries are deploying, the business models to deploy electrolysis projects, the infrastructure upgrades needed to transport and store hydrogen at scale, and the industrial applications for the hydrogen being produced.