Solar Media officially launched its in-house market research services in June 2015, having covered the market through news platforms including online, print and events.

Our research team draws on an extensive data resource available in-house. We provide a range of services covering solar photovoltaics (PV) and battery storage technologies.

In addition to monthly and quarterly market reports, we undertake bespoke consulting activities, perform speaking engagements, and communicate our research findings on Solar Media Ltd web portals such as PV-Tech with regular articles in our company’s magazines.

In addition, the extensive technical and market knowledge of our research team feeds directly into the PV CellTech and PV ModuleTech events produced by the market research team.

We are continuously growing our portfolio of market research offerings to the industry, while playing a pivotal role within Solar Media Ltd. across all online, print and events.


Solar Media Ltd has amassed a highly comprehensive data-rich bank of solar specific facts and figures going back over 10 years, across all aspects of manufacturing, technology, equipment and materials supply, and end-market deployment globally.

Underpinning our research are methodologies that allow us to accumulate data and trends, allowing reports and findings to be clearly presented and explained in detail. Company specific strategies are analysed, benchmarked and forecasted, based on technology roadmaps, market-shares and geographies served.

We constantly review the data tracked as the industry evolves, prioritizing any key changes in the market and identifying new reports required.

This rigorous research methodology extends also to related Solar Media Ltd. events, such as PV CellTech and PV ModuleTech, with our analysts regularly delivering keynote presentations summarizing the latest findings and trends, across both solar and storage.