PV ModuleTech Bankability Ratings Quarterly report

PV ModuleTech Bankability Ratings Quarterly report

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The PV ModuleTech Bankability Ratings Quarterly report provides the definitive guide to understanding, ranking and benchmarking the bankability status of leading global PV module suppliers to commercial, industrial and utility sites. The report captures key financial and manufacturing metrics for leading module suppliers, historically by year from 2013 and by quarter from Q4 2015, current-quarter analysis and metrics forecasted several quarters ahead. The report is a must-have tool for all global PV site investors, developers, EPCs and asset-owners, where module supplier selection is critical to maximizing site performance, reliability and long-term returns.

  • Leading global module suppliers analyzed across technology and financial strength metrics, converted into quarterly Bankability Ratings, from AAA-Rated (highest) to C-Rated (lowest, highest-risk).
  • Financial analysis annual and quarterly ratios, metrics and overall benchmarked module supplier strengths to be fully understood, with segmentation across operating metrics such as liquidity, leverage, debt, profitability, valuation, revenue generation, sales portion from module business, and more.
  • Technology analysis by module supplier outlines in-house effective capacities by region/technology, global module supply by end-region, in-house technology roadmap across high-efficiency module types, capex by value-chain segment, R&D spending, and more.
  • Extensive research analysis and commentary by module supplier, explaining upward/downward trends across all manufacturing and financial health/standing parameters, focused specifically on module supply strategy and risk factors involved.

Bankability Methodology:

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