Republic of Ireland Battery Storage Project Database Report

Republic of Ireland Battery Storage Project Database Report

Solar Media

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This report provides a comprehensive listing of utility-scale battery storage projects that are planned to be built in the Republic of Ireland in the coming years, in addition to projects that are already operational or currently under construction.

The report also includes an extract covering battery storage projects in Northern Ireland. This provides full visibility on Ireland as a whole, with projects from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland operating across an Integrated Single Energy Market (I-SEM).

The Republic of Ireland Battery Storage Project Database report forms part of a broad portfolio of solar PV and battery storage market reports across the UK and the Republic of Ireland – sectors that have been researched by our analyst team for more than 10 years.

Our market research team tracks the battery storage market daily through planning authority portals, in addition to checking against data available from Eirgrid, ESB & SONI. This is complemented by fully qualifying all the routine engagements undertaken by Solar Media personnel with a wide range of industry stakeholders, known to us for over a decade.

The multi-GW pipeline of opportunities active in our database is segmented across a wide range of key categories, some of which are shown in the graphics below.


The Republic of Ireland Battery Storage Project Database report provides comprehensive details across the rapidly growing pipeline of projects, including:

  • Key information on location and planning status of projects
  • Company information for each project and visibility of pipelines
  • Information about co-located generation sites and details of grid connections
  • Progress of projects offering grid services to the grid and any other mechanisms that become open to energy storage projects 

The report is delivered in a flat-file database format, allowing users to easily link, analyse or copy rows and columns to in-house systems or sales prospect lists. This deliverable is updated/refreshed and enhanced each month, and sent out by email to subscribers.